Refurbished School Library Opening 2019

Monmia Primary School officially opened its refurbished school library on Thursday the 23rd of August, 2019 and it is simply spectacular!

When a generous family donated a book to our refurbished library, a special card read “What a school thinks about its library is a measure of what it feels about education.” This is a poignant quote because this library wholeheartedly demonstrates the high importance our community places on Reading and this wonderful space is now the heart of our school.

This project involved many people collaborating to create a school library for students today and well into the future. The School Council, Buildings and Grounds, Family and Friends and Carnevale Committees were involved in fundraising and in the planning stages. Initially, we started with a modest budget of only $30,000. Then to our pleasant surprise, Ms Natalie Suleyman, State Member for St Albans presented the school with $100,000 to support the school’s plans to refurbish the school library which helped us enormously. As a DET led project, AOA architects, collaborated with us to create an inspirational library, both inside and out which is more than we could have achieved working alone. Students provided feedback and were involved in every stage of the process.

The sensational library has something special for everyone. It reflects nature and provides a calm and relaxing space to learn relax and grow. It has a cosy reading area as you enter the library where teachers read to students. It has a magnificent tree as its centrepiece with comfortable seating around it. Striking art work adorns the walls with images of characters with inspirational reading quotes. New shelving and soft furnishings are well coordinated to create different nooks. We have purchased a range of picture story books guaranteed to entice all readers and interact with matching plush toys and accessories. We have a Harry Potter Exhibition that was sponsored by Ray White in Taylors Lakes, a Roald Dahl section sponsored by the Commonwealth Bank in Keilor Downs and a Dr Seuss section sponsored by ANZUK education.

The theme “Reading Gives You Wings to Fly” is a strong theme as well. The butterfly symbol represents transformation and as a ‘Be You’ school it is the same symbol used by our Beyond Blue partners. All students contributed to a display that has butterflies flying out of a handmade book which has been placed above a big reading chair. 

Families and staff have donated a range of beautiful books for our amazing library and have assisted in setting up the space and processing new books. Our students summarise our stunning library beautifully. Timothy B in Year 3 said “I’m in heaven”. Milan Z in Year 2 stated “I am in an unreal wonderland!”  Jessica C in Year 6 stated “I have no words. I am speechless”. Davon A in Year Prep said “I love the Harry Potter Exhibition”. Finally Molly P in Year 3 said “When you’re in the library, it feels like you are in a book already!”