Classroom Helpers

Monmia Primary School acknowledges that the first teachers of all children are their families. Every child comes to school learning their understandings, oral language, skills, behaviors and values from their caring and nurturing homes. Therefore, we believe in building important relationships with school and home.


The assistance of parent/guardian helpers within the classroom to provide support during the delivery of our Literacy and Numeracy programs is invaluable. Each year a training program is conducted which aims to equip parents/guardians with the necessary prompts and questions to support students in their Literacy and Numeracy learning within the classroom setting.


We offer training sessions for the Classroom Helpers Program for interested parents/guardians facilitated by the Literacy and Numeracy Coaches. 
As part of the training we will be discussing the types of activities that may be part of the program, the procedures involved when assisting in the classroom as well as relevant questioning prompts which support students and encourage them to think about and extend their strategies in Literacy and Numeracy.


If you would like to be involved in providing classroom support in curriculum areas such as Literacy and Numeracy, it is essential that you attend this training session. Those who do not attend the Classroom Helpers training session can still support a classroom teacher for administrative tasks (eg. making resources). 


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