BYOD Program

The aim at Monmia Primary School has always been to provide our students with the best education and learning experience. As part of this commitment we have stated in our Annual Implementation Plan that we value the importance of Digital Learning. 


Inline with the Victorian Curriculum under Digital Learning, students are actively engaged in the processes of analysing problems and opportunities, designing, developing and evaluating digital solutions, and creating and sharing information that meets a range of current and future needs.


Students learn to safely and ethically exploit the capacity of information systems to create digital solutions. These solutions and information are created through the application of computational, design and systems thinking, and technical skills. 


Under the guidance of the eLearning coach, staff consult the Monmia PS Digital Learning and ICT scope and sequence document to plan their lessons. This ensures scaffolded learning where new concepts are introduced at each level and existing skills and understandings are developed. Lessons are structured to encourage students to learn through exploration, self-direction and inquiry, with explicit teaching at key points during the learning sequence.

We are very excited to provide your child, in Years 3-6  with the opportunity to participate in the Bring Your Own Device program and with your support begin this journey together, educating our students for 21st Century Learning.

The benefits of your child being part of this will be to: 

  • have access free of charge to the Educational Apps the school has purchased 
  • keep their own work on their own device 
  • have access to a device when they need 


We will roll out the Program on Wednesday 9th October 2019. On this date, students will be able to bring their device as the school technicians will be able to support the students with logging onto the network. If you would like to have your child’s iPad setup, please send the device to school with your child on this day and on the  following Monday or Wednesday. 


You are not obliged to purchase an iPad. However, if your family has a suitable iPad at home you will be able to take part in the roll out. 


Please Print off the Attachment 'Student Participation Agreement Note' and sign with your's and child signature.




Tan Ly

Digital Learning Manager



What type of device can be used?

The student iPads will need to run at least iOS 11 or higher (software) and be at least a 16GB capacity for school use, however, a larger storage model is preferred. Families have the choice to purchase any model or version of the iPad. The minimum iPad requirement includes all iPads from iPad Air and onwards. We cannot guarantee that older devices will last the four years as Apple may not support older devices with updates.

We recommend that you do not purchase an iPad with cellular capabilities (SIM card), as it becomes impossible to monitor student’s online behaviors / activities if they switch off the Wi-Fi and onto the SIM. We request that you remove the SIM card if you already own a SIM enabled device and you wish to use it for school.


What are my options?

These options are available to you:

  1. Use an iPad currently owned by the family.
    2. Purchase a new device through Apple, JB HIFI etc.
    3. Purchase a second-hand device online e.g. Apple Certified Productsor reseller



As the iPad belongs to you it will be the family’s responsibility to insure the iPad in case of loss or damage. We recommend AppleCare+. AppleCare+ for iPad provides up to two years of expert telephone technical support and additional hardware coverage from Apple, including up to two incidents of accidental damage coverage, each subject to a service fee. This cover does not include loss or theft. More information on AppleCare+ can be accessed on Apple’s website.

It is possible to include the iPad in your home and contents insurance. However, this may increase your insurance premiums.



What's the difference between models?

Use the links below to find the technical differences between models.


The school network requires at least iOS 11 or higher, and that requires a newer iPad model.


The easiest way to determine if you have a compatible device is if it has a lighting connector and is running iOS 11 or above.

If you are unsure, please come and speak with one of the teachers and they will be able to assist you.


To see what version of iOS your version is running, simply open the settings and click “About”




Below are some of the most frequently asked questions in relation to our 1:1 BYOD iPad trial program. If you have a question that is not answered here or in the parent handbook, please feel free to ask the school.


Q: What model of iPad can my child use?
A: The student's iPad will need to run at least iOS 11 and be at least a 16GB capacity, however, a larger size model is preferred. Families have the choice to purchase the full sized or mini. The minimum iPad requirement includes all iPads from iPad Air and onwards that use the lightning connector. 


Q: Does my child need a 4G/SIM card or Wi-Fi only model?
A: The school has a comprehensive Wi-Fi system that students connect to. Most families also have Wi-Fi Internet at home; therefore, a Wi-Fi only model is adequate. We ask that SIM cards be removed from student iPads.


Q: Can I charge my iPad at school?
A: No, students need to ensure that the iPad is FULLY charged. 


Q: Is a credit card number required for an Apple ID?
A: No, you only need to enter a billing address as downloading free apps is still considered a purchase.


Q: How will the iPads be used at school?
A: At Monmia PS, the iPad or any other piece of technology are seen as learning tools. Students will use the devices to complete some tasks that have been prepared and directed by their teachers. Students will not use their iPads while unsupervised nor will the iPads be used to play games.
 Q: Will the students use the iPads all of the time?
A: No. Students will not use their iPad for every single task while at school, however it will be used every day. The iPad will be used as a personal learning tool along with other existing tools that are available at school. Teachers plan and deliver a range of lessons that require different tools, the iPad is just one of them.


Q: Will my child still use pencil and paper? 

A: Yes. All students are still required to use workbooks and learn handwriting skills. The iPad will simply be another tool we will use to achieve our learning goals. 

Q: Won’t students be able to ‘cheat’ by using the spell checker?
A: The spell checker is a tool to allow students immediate feedback on the correct spelling of words they use as well as assisting them to use correct grammar. It supplements our existing school spelling program but does not replace it.


Q: How much homework will be expected to be completed on the iPad?
A: The level of homework given to students will vary depending on a range of factors, however, your child should not need to use their iPad for homework purposes for more than an hour a night. If you feel as though your child is spending too much time on their iPad for homework tasks, please feel free to check the homework task with their teacher. Our Homework Policy outlines the amount of time for each year level (see the school website).


Q: What happens if the iPad is damaged or stolen?
A: Because the iPad belongs to the family it will be the family’s responsibility to insure the iPad. Families can consider including the iPad in their home contents insurance. 'Find my iPhone' should be enabled. Engraving the device is also an option. It is the student’s responsibility to put their iPad into their designated spot in their classroom once arriving at school. It is the student’s responsibility to look after the device before and after school.

See here for information on AppleCare+


Q: What daytime secure storage facility is in place at the school for these devices?
A: When not in use, the devices will be kept in a lockable filing cabinet. Before school, students are supervised to enter classrooms (from 8:45am) to place their iPad in the filing cabinet. At recess and lunchtimes, the iPads will be returned to the filing cabinets and the classroom will be locked. For students attending, there will be a lockable cabinet provided.
Students must not leave their school bag/iPad unattended after school.


Q: What if I need to remove the iPad as a punishment? 
A: We understand that the iPad can be used as a motivational tool at home and that there may be times when the iPad might have to be removed from the student. In this case, please send a note to your child's teacher to inform them and negotiate an arrangement that allows the student to complete work at school. The school will be happy to assist and support parents in this matter.


Q: What will the school’s IT budget be used for now? 
A: There are many components to the IT budget. Money will be used to complete network upgrades including the introduction of new servers and equipment, the maintenance of iPads for Prep-2, 5/6  and the purchasing of laptops.


Q: What if our family is unable to provide an iPad for our child?
A: A small bank of shared iPads will be made available for school use. These iPads will need to be share with others and cannot be personalized or taken home. 


Q:  Can I buy an iPad during the year, if I can't afford one now?
A: Yes! We’d be happy to connect you at any time of the year. Just speak to the classroom teacher when you are ready to purchase a device.
Q: How do I free up space on the iPad for download of apps?
A: Photos and music take up the most space on an iPad. Try saving these to a computer, and deleting them from the device.


Q: How will teachers be trained and supported to integrate iPad use within the curriculum authentically?
A: Teachers at MONMIA PS are given an iPad and are expected to use the device on a frequent basis to become familiar with it. In addition to this, a range of professional development activities will be in place to ensure that the device is used to support 21st century learning. The staff at Monmia PS will be using a model to develop teaching and learning experiences for students that are authentic, meaningful and match the skills needed to live in the 21st century.


Q: Is there a recommended number of hours exposure for children within a primary school system? What measures will be introduced to ensure that students do not suffer from screen fatigue?
A: Students will not be using their iPads constantly over long periods of time. The amount of time spent on an iPad each day in class will vary, depending on how the teacher and student decide to use the device to support learning. We need to remember that the iPad is an educational tool that is only used when it is the most effective means of meeting an educational outcome.

The US National Institutes of Health suggest that screen time be balanced with activity. Its actual guidelines discuss home-based screen time rather than in the educational or work settings. Australian guidelines from the Department of Health and Ageing specifically exclude educational use from estimations of appropriate screen time, but also indicate the need to balance sedentary pursuits with more active pursuits.


Q: Will students be taught to touch type?
While there will not be specific typing lessons, there will be access to laptops and we are looking into purchasing iPad keyboards.  Students can also download touch typing apps.


Q: What about ergonomics?
A: Students will be taught about the correct posture when using an iPad as well as the need to take breaks from the screen for their eye health. We also suggest purchasing a cover which has an inbuilt stand to assist with posture.


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