Numeracy is a key priority at Monmia, with students participating in a scheduled 7 hours of mathematics each week. This is inclusive of a minimum of 90 minutes weekly of WIN (What I Need) time which provides opportunities for students to practise and revise key concepts covered within their mathematics sessions. WIN time is specifically for reinforcement and application, rather than the teaching and learning of new concepts.


Mathematical concepts are taught explicitly in the classroom with students being clearly informed of the purpose of the lesson through shared Learning Intentions as well as being directly involved in developing success criteria that allow them to reflect on their progress and measure their achievement against the learning intentions. Students regularly complete pre-assessment tasks which demonstrate their current understandings. This knowledge is the used to inform the planning of units, based on their entry points. Lessons involve a variety of learning experiences for the students, ranging from explicit teaching of new concepts, opportunities to apply these independently and in groups situations as well as problem solving situations which encourage the students to determine how to appropriately use their skills and knowledge.


Numeracy sessions across the whole school follow a specific structure. Students are aware of the components of a numeracy session and how this applies to both teacher and students actions and involvement in each of the areas. A typical session involves:

  • Tuning In: prepares the students for learning. This may be in the form of a quick game which "switches on the brain" for the lesson to follow
  • Introduction: students are made aware of the learning intention for the session. Specific links to key vocabulary are made as well as identifying and modelling the mathematics to follow.
  • Purposeful Learning: opportunities for students to apply the mathematical concepts introduced as well as explicit teaching points for individuals and groups
  • Intentional Reflection: opportunities for students to consolidate their learning through sharing and summarising their learning.  Students are guided to reflect as well as monitor their achievements according to the success criteria

At Monmia, we make a strong commitment to developing the numeracy skills and understanding of not only the students but all staff as well. Through ongoing profesisonal learning all staff are continuously improving their skills and knowledge. Our numeracy program is closely aligned to the Victorian Mathematics Curriculum, ensuring substantial opportunities are provided for students to achieve and extend their understandings, according to curriculum expectations.  


All Monmia students are enrolled on Mathletics which is an online mathematics resource, allowing students to reinforce their mathematical skills and understandings. They have 24-hour access to Mathletics with personal login details.  Student achievement is recognised through the presentation of silver and gold certificates at weekly assemblies. 


We are extremely proud of the mathematics program that we implement and are committed to providing opportunities for all students to experience high levels of success - at Monmia you can COUNT on us!


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