Welcome to Monmia Primary School

Our school is a vibrant learning community where children, teachers and parents/guardians are committed to lifelong learning with a focus on continuous improvement.

As a KidsMatter school we are committed to children's welfare incorporating a safe and supportive school environment where all children can learn. A very warm welcome is extended to all who visit the Monmia Primary School web site.
The very professional, dedicated and caring staff encourage children to LEARN and ACHIEVE their personal best in a climate of mutual respect and consoideration for others. In partnership between home and school, there is a shared resoonsibility for ensuring each child has every opportunity to achieve improved learning outcomes.
The Monmia school community is proud of its harmonious diversity of cultures with almost 30 languages other than English spoken in the community. We believe that children are deeply enriched by this experience. The school curriculum reflects a committment to excellence and quality education energised by teachers who are motivated to make a difference to the students in their care. Community and government priorities are integral elements in the school curriculum with an emphasis on literacy, numeracy and student welfare. Innovative programs ensure that all children are engaged and challenged.
Monmia's Student Engagement and Wellbeing program encourages a healthy lifestyle, where student leadership skills are fostered, self-esteem is nurtured and where bullying is not tolerated. Our core values of honesty, caring, respect, friendliness and acceptance underpin our beliefs in building strong relationships between teachers, children, families and our community.
A key feature of Monmia's successful reputation is the strong partnership between home and school reflected in the mutually respectful relationship developed between teachers and parents/guardians. Through School Council, Family and Friends Club, the Classroom Helpers Program and parent/guardian participation in a myriad of activites, parentsguardians form an essential part of school life.
Student leadership is highly valued as part of developing children's confidence and resilience through various leadership roles which include School Captains, House Captains, Peer Mediators, Junior School Councillors and Prep Buddies.
Monmia offers comprehensive orientation programs for pre-schoolers and a committment to small class sizes which ensure your child has a happy and confident start to school life.
Choosing the right school is an important decision and I invite you to come and explore Monmia to view the quality facilities and see the dynamic curricuum programs on offer for yourself. Not only do we provide a great start for your childs' first year, we deliver a quality education for all seven primary years. To find out more about what Monmia has to offer, please explore our school website and/or call me to make an appointment for a tour and a time that suits you.

Lorraine Bell


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