The Way We Work

The way we work has been shaped by research based approaches that indicate what works best in education. These have been applied in our school setting.


Our key purpose and efforts centre on student learning and utilising the instructional practices that best help our students to achieve excellence.


We expect all our students to achieve measurable growth in their learning. Success in learning is measured and tracked regularly by teachers to ensure improvement is achieved. All our work is focussed on what our students are learning, how they learn it and where to take their learning next.


Our teachers have shared expectations for learning. The learning experiences planned are based on building on student’s prior knowledge. A purpose for learning is always shared through a learning intention, which in turn determines learning goals and assessment requirements.


Our teachers see themselves as learners too, building their capacity through professional learning programs that lead to the transformation of practice. They are involved and engaged in the learning cycle. Our teachers are reflective about their teaching in order to assess the impact it is having on the students they teach. They have developed expertise through the use of school based coaches and consultants, knowing what the teaching should look like and sound like.


Our planning is consistent across all year levels and delivered so that there is a positive impact on learning. We have common planning time and a common language and framework when we talk about learning. At each of the year levels we have a Teaching and Learning Leader, who ensures the learning experiences planned and delivered, make the greatest difference to student outcomes. Daily targeted teaching is used to meet the needs of our students.


Our Leaders evaluate the impact they are and their teachers having on student learning on an ongoing basis, constantly questioning what needs to be improved and what evidence is needed. We work in a climate of trust. We share in confidence, we challenge respectfully and we know that we are all different and all have different starting places.


Our school culture encourages students to actively seek feedback from their teachers and peers. Our strategic planning and review programs incorporate feedback from students, their families and staff. Our teachers use information from student assessments as feedback about the effectiveness of their teaching. Multiple methods of assessment are used by teachers including diagnostic, formative and summative assessments.


Our school ensures all students achieve and learn with excellence, they have a love for learning, they know learning is for life and they know we aim to support them in developing best versions of themselves!


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